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Tower City, PA 17980


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Welcome to Snyder Physical Therapy

Snyder Physical Therapy is a physical therapist owned and operated clinic located at 39 Porter Road Suite 1, at the intersection of Route 209 and Porter Road(old 209) in Tower City, Pennsylvania.  Our mission here at Snyder Physical Therapy is to provide the highest quality care to help people live their lives to the fullest without limitations.  Here at Snyder Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves not only on our excellence in the field of physical therapy but also on our extraordinary customer service.  We will perform a thorough examination and evaluation and will focus our treatment on addressing the root cause of the issue instead of just treating the symptoms. 


We are a Direct Access clinic where you may be eligible to schedule an appointment without a physician referral.  You have the right to choose your provider, so when it comes to physical therapy, we hope you choose Snyder Physical Therapy.  We accept most major insurances.